PIY Paint Products


✓  Made by & for furniture painters

✓  Created with a focus on making painting easy & fast

✓  No sanding or priming needed

✓  Made in BC, Canada

✓ Wide range of products (furniture paint, wax, sealer, …)


Are you looking to paint furniture?

Are you simply looking to paint a piece of furniture or some decorative items
without sanding, priming and using paint with great coverage?

Do you want to partner with us?

“I have a store, home-based business or paint workshops and I’m interested in carrying PIY Paint products with low minimum orders

Yes! I want to become a retailer

“I am a furniture flipper or blogger and I’m interested in selling online through the affiliate program”
(35% commission!!!)

Yes! I want to become an affiliate

Are you lost? No worries!

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PIY Paint Products is a company based in Merritt, BC. It offers a quality line of products to revive or alter furniture and/or decor items. Our products include furniture paint, wax, liquid sealer, paint chalk powder, transfer gel, crackle, brushes and more. Because we started out as furniture flippers, we understand what you’re looking for in furniture paint products. We also understand the market and how we can help retailers and other professional furniture painters. For example, it’s for that reason that we apply a 35% commission rate on our affiliate sales, which is unheard of, but we believe you deserve it! We love using our products and we know you will too.  Become a PIY’er and happy painting!

 For more detailed information, we have a lot of information on our website (e.g. our helpful guide). If you have any issue with your products or you have further questions or comments, contact us!