Please note that until the end of September 2020, we are sold out of 32oz and 16oz jars, due to a shortage of supply due to Covid-19. I apologize for the inconveniences this may cause. I will update ASAP when I have them.


PIY Paint Products


Created in the beautiful Village of Ashcroft by Darlene Quesnel, PIY Paint  and PIY Paint Complete (Paint & Sealer in one) is made for the all your furniture refurbishing, kitchen cupboard and bathroom cupboards overhaul and all your crafting workshops needs. This is your one stop shop


✓  Made by & for furniture painters

✓  Created with a focus on making painting easy & fast

✓  No sanding or priming needed

✓  Made in Ashcroft BC, Canada

✓ Wide range of products (furniture paint, wax, sealer, …)