What is PIY, and what is a PIY’er?


PIY stands for PAINT IT YOURSELF and a PIY’er is a person joining the huge trend of being a Paint it Yourself’er.

Exciting changes happened in June of 2019  Paint was sold to Darlene Quesnel of Ashcroft, British Columbia. She is very excited  to be manufacturing PIY Paint Products in Ashcroft, BC.

Darlene has been a retailer of PIY Paint for the past 5 years and has been very successful with her shop ‘The Hutch’ where she has been upcycling, re-doing furniture and hosting workshops to share her love and passion for painting and creating new things.

PIY Paint products are simple to apply, simple to understand, simple to clean, and affordable. When looking for products to add to the line the first look for quality. It must always provide the painter with a finished project they love.  This product must work for the first time painter as well as a very experienced talented Furniture Flipper. Second, it must be a product that is simple to use. Easy instructions to follow, yet giving a very professional and beautiful finished project. Third, it must be an affordable product for every budget. And forth, it must be fun. Being a PIY’er is fun. It’s that simple. Check us out on Instagram and our Facebook Page under PIY Paint to see some amazing transformations by our customers and their creative minds.


PIY Paint’s Past & Founders

PIY Paint Products was manufactured  and founded in Merritt, British Columbia by 2 sisters and their husbands. Laurie and Blain Turmel, Cindy and Bill Moyes were proud to offer these high quality furniture painting products.