Not exactly sure what you need?

STEP 1: Have you picked your colour?

Option A: Buy our pre-mixed Chalk Style Paint

Please have a look at all our colours available.

Found what you’re looking for?
Remember the name of that colour, so you can select it later on from the list.

Option B: Make your own Chalk-Style Paint

PIY Paint Chalk Powder can turn any water based latex paint into rich, creamy PIY furniture paint!

Keep in mind: the better quality base, the better product you will have.

Why choose PIY Paint Chalk Powder?

  • Very economical! It’s a cheaper than buying pre-mixed furniture paint.
    HINT: Mistints!
  • You can buy any water-based paint in any colour from any paint store.
    Talk about possibilities!
  • 1 jar of PIY Paint Chalk Powder will make about 1 gallon of furniture paint!

STEP 2: How much paint?

This is what you will approximately need:

  • 8 OZ.  Perfect for a smaller project like a chair or small side table.
  • 16 OZ.  Usually more than enough to complete a decent size piece of furniture.
  • 1/4 GALLON.  Will cover several pieces of furniture. (approx. 150 square feet)

STEP 3: Paste wax or Sealer?

We advise you to add a finishing layer to your project. You have 3 options:

  • Paste wax (to keep that rustique chalky finish)
  • Sealer (for counter tops or bathrooms)
  • PIY Complete: We also offer PIY paint already mixed in with a sealer (available in the paint category)

STEP 4: Would you like to add a transfer image or use stencils to your project?

If you are looking for a nice transfer or stencil to take your project to the next level, we have a wide selection of transfer sheets and transfer gel. – currently being created